We have a Grand Water ternary with Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces. 


During this travel, we feel quieter to communicate our feelings, even those we kept covered inside for quite a long time. The energy is extremely healing and streams – in a real sense – like water.  water elements


To defeat this travel, tune into the healing forces of water. Pass by the water if you have the chance, and if not, attempt a reflection that is focused on water, or just pay attention to the sound of stream steam or the sound of the waves. 


A reflection you can use to tune in: 


Track down a tranquil space inside your home or outside in nature. Start by breathing profoundly to quiet down your psyche. Then, at that point, envision you are close to a stream or by the ocean. Pay attention to the sound of the water, and let it occupy the space in the head until there is only that sound. And afterward, as you go into the water, feel it against your skin. How can it feel? Then, at that point, envision yourself as water. This could be a drop of downpour, a sea, a stream, a cascade, even a tear. Envision yourself converging with the water, and let it guide you. Consider the sensation of being unified with the water until you feel loose and settled.



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