Can I Add Too Many Backlinks To My Online Campaigns?

This is a question people have been asking a lot lately: “I’ve built a massive backlink campaign for my website, and my ranking was fantastic, but it’s dropped — why?”

Like all of us starting out in internet marketing, you’ve been told that link-building is the beginning and the end of making money online — to build and build and build and then to sit and be patient and wait for Google to find your site and rank you.

However, that advice, although it has worked in the past, is possibly not the best advice to be giving out any longer, and here’s why

In this situation, patience and pro-activity are called for.

When you first go “live” with a new website, Google tends to behave like a child with a new toy and they will show your site off to the whole world wide web; whilst behind the scenes they are still trying to decide where to rank you for your keywords and, once that decision is made, they may drop you like a hot potato and you can sometimes even disappear right off the end of their search results.

This is when you need to dig deep and find patience. The human tendency is to continue building links, in fact you may even double your efforts, right? You’ve done it, haven’t you? Gone twice as hard at the link-building business! Me too. But often this can make things worse.

Anchor Text and Link Building in 2011 – What You Need To Know
Here’s a quick review with a silly example: When you’re building a website that you are going to optimize for Google’s search engines, you’ve been taught to take your primary keyword, let’s say it’s “orange marmalade” and to flaunt it all over the internet as your anchor text linking back to your website. 백링크

The theory is that the more links you have with your keyword as the anchor text, the higher you will rank in Google – Google will crawl the internet, pick up those anchor text links that all link back to your site and rank you accordingly. The problem that all internet marketers are facing is that Google evolves faster than we can keep up, and their aim is to reduce and eliminate spam and poor quality content.

So the way Google is operating now is to not only look at the amount of links to your website, but the quality and the distribution of them; in other words, are your backlinks spread out over a number of different media, such as social media, blogs, forums, bookmarking, and so on?

And does the anchor text vary?

Google now requires that you do not use your keyword over and over again as the anchor text for every backlink to your site – you can use whatever phrase you like, such as “click here”, and you will obtain better results.



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