The new Redmi 9 Power on sale in India comes from the same manufacturer as the popular Redmi Note and Spice smartphones. The device is powered by the powerful MediaTek MTK along with plenty of features that allow it compete with all the latest phones available in the market. The first impression about the Redmi 9 Power comes from its high-end features that give it the edge over the other smartphone handsets available in the Indian mobiles segment. Read on to discover more about the new handsets and how much they cost from various online mobile portals.

Redmi 9 Power Cost in IndiaRedmi 9 power costs in the same range as its competitors like the Sony Ericsson Pico handset and the Nokia E71. It has all the basic elements of an affordable smartphone in terms of build quality, performance and features. However, it is priced at a level that is affordable even for a common man. So is the redmi nine power really worth the price tag that it comes with? Mi 9 Power

My verdict on the question of is the redmi nine power comes cheap is that it is not. I have seen countless power Priced Smartphones from different brands and this handset does not come cheap at all. To start with, it is one of the most powerful devices manufactured by any manufacturer. It comes with a powerful chipset, the chipset is powered by the MediaTek Corporation which has been a trusted brand for quite some time now.

The redmi 9 power comes with a sleek and slim body, which gives it a sleek look. This device comes with a unique dual camera set up, the first one comes with a 16 MP Sony Ericsson camera on the back and it also comes with a secondary camera, which is placed in the front. The second camera is a 5 MP one and it is placed in the front to give it a dual camera effect. The camera is also a built in lens that can be detached when required. This type of feature in a smartphone is rare and only found in high end smartphones. This is what makes the device stand out in the crowd of technologically advanced smartphones that are being launched every other day.

The problem with this phone is that it is not a very fast device and it takes a long time for it to boot up, which makes it frustrating for users who want instant results. Another problem that users have with this handset is that it has a slow user interface, which makes navigation very difficult. However, there are many other phones in the market that have such poor user interfaces that make navigation more difficult, but the Mi 9 does not fall under such a category. The slow UI might be because of its dual screen feature, which enables the user to use the phone even faster than it used to.

To fix the slow user interface, users need to download Google Chrome on the device and install it using the software tool provided by the manufacturer. The official Google Chrome app for the Android platform comes preinstalled on this handset along with almost all the Google applications that the user wants to install. To fix the power issues, you need to add the Google Toolbar application to your homescreen using theipop clock widget or any other widget of your choice. This will allow you to access the Google Toolbar from anywhere on your device. This should be done to allow the application to properly function and provide the users with a better experience.

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